Lifestyles and the “Harm Principle”

We do not discriminate against any lifestyle, whether it is LGBT, or any other lifestyle.  As long as there is no force, fraud, or abuse, we think that “partner” relationships of other people are none of our business.  We believe that the government shouldn't be involved in any way with intimate unions and/or relationships of any kind among informed consenting adults.

We do not discriminate against any religion, regardless to whom or what people may pray or worship. People may pray to and worship the rising Sun or to Buddah or whatever it may be, so long as they allow others this same privilege, and they also take responsibility for whatever results their actions bring to themselves and to society.

We endorse a principle that is known in academia as the “Harm Principle”, but we choose to call it by another name, “Freedom From Harm To Others”.  For us, the meaning of “harm” is when a person impedes the creation of “Value” as described and required by our Family Mission Statement.  The creation of “Value”, as it pertains to our Family Mission Statement, will always be via actions that are themselves in harmony with science, and designed to help the human race on this earth, independent of any specific ideas of heaven.

We, as a people, and as citizens of the United States, should defend and protect the Methodists, the Protestants, Muslims, LDS, Catholics, or Hindu, or any other group in their rights. The government is for the protection of all it's citizens, whatever their religious views, opinions, lifestyle, or lifestyle choices may be.  Nobody should be permitted to overstep the proper bounds or to interfere with the rights of others in their pursuit of what each believes to be of value to themselves, as long as they in turn respect those same boundaries for others, and commit no other crime in doing so.

To defend and protect all people in their rights, we must be careful not to condemn Muslims based on the actions of a few radical Muslims, or Catholics based on the actions of a few Catholic Priests, or Mormons based on the actions of Mark Hoffman, a convicted counterfeiter, forger, and murderer.  And we must also not condemn everyone with the same last name based on the actions of a few that also carry that same last name.  Doing so would be a travesty of justice.


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